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We do this with passion, ambition, curiosity and much fun!

We are awesome at DevOps, Orchestration, Automation, CI / CD and everything that comes with it to successfully guide organisations during their Cloud Native journey.

Do you have the same DNA as us? Great, because we are continually looking for new colleagues who want to make a difference with us!

Cloud Native is our religion! DevOps, CI / CD, Automation, Orchestration and Cloud our specialties! ”


Passion, ambition, curious and much fun, love of technology, open and honest, flat organization, short lines, and open source

Innovation, Growth and Ambition

We are just as innovative as the Cloud Native technology we work with. Together we develop your technical, personal and professional skills through training and workshops; N-Able your career!

Freedom and Responsibility

Coming up with solutions, taking responsibility and passion. That's our core. Can't figure it out yourself? Don't worry; there is always a colleague who is more than happy to help you.

Exceptional Individuals and Teamwork

At N-Able you work intensively with your colleagues. You have the entire organization to back you up, and together we achieve the best solution and project results. We are proud of it!

Our Job-offers


DevOps Consultant

As a DevOps Consultant, you guide our client through a clear strategy towards a successful technical DevOps implementation or improvement. You know the tricks of the trade and you have done such trajectories before. You take into account the Business goals and technical (im)possibilities, and you work closely with developers, POs and fellow DevOps engineers.

You see technology as a means to achieve goals, and you are aware of the latest cutting-edge techniques and principles such as Kubernetes, Cloud Native, Istio and Prometheus.

# You have at least 4 years of work experience in a similar role, but you are ambitious and see this role as a base for further growth.
# You understand how you can take the customer on a Cloud Native journey.
# You have experience with setting up CI / CD pipelines with different types of tooling in different Cloud environments.
# You have experience with setting up scalable platforms.
# You follow our Kubernetes training courses, come to our Meetups, write on our white papers; you want to be the best in your profession!
# ….. and above all you are an awesome colleague!

// and that MacBook pro, in-house training, and salary? We’ll figure it out.

We want to invite you for a cup of coffee to discuss the next step in your career!

Cloud Consultant

You are a Cloud Consultant at N-Able. You advise our customers about the best Cloud strategy. You do this from your expertise and experience, but you can always fall back on your colleagues. You come across the most diverse IT environments. Sometimes the customer is already working on a migration, and in other scenario’s the Cloud Journey still has to start. As an Open Source enthusiast, you are broad-minded; maybe the customer runs Azure, AWS or Google Cloud. You provide advice on how to implement Kubernetes, stream the CI / CD pipeline and which tooling fits best.

The customer’s business is central, and you come up with the best solution; here you take into account technical (im)possibilities, the business processes, and culture of the customer. You advise, but you are also the tech lead.

# You have a technical Open Source background of at least 6 years.
# You have at least 6 years of experience with Cloud technology such as Kubernetes, Azure, AWS, Google or OpenStack and of course know tooling such as Docker, Jenkins / Gitlab
# You know the principles of Containerization, Cloud Native and Cloud first.
# You are a consultant, but based on your technical hands-on experience, and you also enjoy sitting behind the console.
# …… you share your experiences with N-Able colleagues during project reviews and our tech meetings.

// our terms of employment are customized; so “just call”!

When can we invite you for an introduction?


Kubernetes Engineer

Cloud Native is in your DNA. You like to configure and manage complex multi-zone clusters for high-availability environments with Kubernetes. Your challenge is to continuously improve the environment and adapt it to the wishes of the Business. You make life easier for developers, and you enjoy working with cutting-edge techniques. You are proud of what you automate, and your CI / CD pipeline is ‘one of a kind.’

# You have a good understanding of Kubernetes components such as config maps, secrets, pods, Ingress, services, persistent volume claims.
# You have solid Unix / Linux knowledge and an Open Source mindset
# You have experience with scripting languages ​​such as Python or Shell
# You understand the concept and benefits of containerisation, Docker and Iaas
# It does not matter to us whether you have a development- or ops-background; either way works for us.

//….. your employment conditions naturally include our Kubernetes training, certifications, and Meetups, but that is only part of what we have to offer you.

Curious? Then press the button below, and we will contact you within a split second.


DevOps Engineer

In the role of DevOps engineer you work directly in the process. You have a great responsibility and broad knowledge. You are part of a multi-disciplinary team, and you implement the latest (DevOps) tooling. Sometimes you work in corporate environments, sometimes in smaller ones. You participate in our training courses, and you continuously increase your knowledge, but we also expect you to share your knowledge with your colleagues.

As a techie, you know how to convince others based on your knowledge, but you communicate this clearly and without any frills.

# You have a technical Open Source background.
# You have experience with tooling such as Docker, Jenkins / Gitlab, Docker, Kubernetes, Istio, Prometheus, ContainerD, Puppet, Ansible, Chef, Terraform.
# You have an extraordinary interest in the latest tooling such as Rook, LinkerD, Helm, etc.
# Automation is your second nature, and you have a Cloud first thought.
# …… and the most important thing is you want to join us on our Cloud Native journey!

//….. Of course, money is important, but growth and ambition are our top priority.

We are happy to get to know you and see if you have our DNA!


We make it possible! We are N-Ablers!


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